Momstrology – Book Review – An Astrological Guide For All Mamas!

Have you ever wondered if your baby or child’s star sign influences their behaviour or mood?  Do you ever notice that your little guy goes a little wild during a full moon?  Or is your little girl bull headed and stubborn?  It may be their star sign!

I was curious, myself.  Sure, I’ve read my astrology in the back of magazines as I waited in the dentist office, but that was really the extent of the knowledge I had of my star sign.

With everything that 2017 brought me, I found myself searching inward and deeper.  I felt very lost and felt that if I had some further insight, some further knowledge about myself, it would assist me in finding the answers for my current situation, as well as help guide me down the right path for my future.

Which brought me here, to this book!

I discovered the AstroTwins on Instagram, quite randomly – or, as the universe would say, quite deliberately – and I was led to their book, Momstrology.  I read about my babies’ star signs first, and then lapped up their insights on my own sign as a mother next.

And, let me tell you, it was eerily accurate!

My little guy is a Cancer baby, and he did not leave my arms for…oh…about the first six months of his life!  I am not even exaggerating – he co-slept (and still does), as he would scream at the top of his lungs each time I set him down in his own crib.  He loves to be with me, to be held, to be cuddled, and to nurse.  Now, granted, newborns and young babies and kids need all of these things to feel loved and secure – and my daughter received lots and lots of attention, holding, cuddling and nursing as well.

But my little Crab was on a whole new level!

And he still is, a year and a half later!

Just as an example, at his six week check up with the midwife, she took him to change him out of his clothes and diaper so that she could weigh him accurately.  I was a mere two feet away and the process only lasted about a minute, but he screamed and screamed, and searched for me, and then made lasting eye contact with me.  Minke, my midwife, said she’s never seen a newborn search and maintain eye contact with their mother like that before.

Oh, and the fact that he gained almost 10 pounds in his first 6 weeks of life, may give a hint of just how much he loved to nurse.

Crabs are the sign associated with the chest, so it’s not actually surprising that my guy loves to nurse.

Could I have used this knowledge when he was first born?  Would it have made my life easier to anticipate that he would be a little tiny baby kangaroo who needed this kind of constant contact and nursing?


Was it also fun and entertaining to read about my perspective as a mother?


Do I think that all mamas would love to read this to gain insight on not only their children, but themselves?

Without a doubt!

So if you, or a mama you know, would love a bit of easy, enjoyable reading which also has the benefit of helping to understand your babies and their sweet quirks, as well as your own, special traits, then I highly encourage you to grab this book!

Get your very own copy here: Momstrology: The AstroTwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars



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